Apartment Fire Safety

Fires are dangerous and can pose extreme risks to multiple households in an apartment complex. Make sure you know where all fire exits are located inside your building and have at least two different escape routes planned. If you do experience a fire, here are some steps you can take to stay safe and get out.

If you can escape your apartment unit, get out as fast as you can and close the door behind you. Follow the planned escape route and exit the building. If you can pull the fire alarm on your way out, do it. This will immediately alert the fire department and your neighbors of the situation. Do NOT use the elevator if your building has one and always stay low to the floor if you must exit through smoke. Call 911 when you are at a safe distance away from the building and report if anyone might still be inside the building.

If the fire, smoke or a disability prevents you from leaving your apartment unit, make sure your door is closed. Stuff wet towels or sheets around the door and vents to help keep smoke from entering the room. Call 911 to report the fire and alert them to your location. Crack open a window and place a bright cloth outside to signal your location, then close the window so the air does not pull smoke into your room and wait for help to arrive.

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