We believe our community residents are what makes our Santefort Neighborhoods a great place to live and they are also the important nucleus to all our communities.  We want to give back to our valued residents by offering a rewarding referral program. See more details of this program right below.


We have a great finance special this tax season for our preferred employers throughout the Kankakee area! We value the hard work and dedication that you put in your work and in the community. We are offering a very low 6% flat rate over the term of the loan. View more details of this program right below and see if your employer made the list!


Santefort Neighborhoods understands how important it is for us to entice residents with strong and unique attributes to join us and create the best community possible.  What makes a neighborhood great are the residents themselves and what they offer the community. For a limited time, we are pleased to offer a 5% down, 5% interest rate (APR) on all our homes for all our qualified Neighborhood Heroes! Click below for more information on this special program.

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