Tri-Star Estates Brand New 2018 Model Homes Starting At $984 Per Month!

These are brand new 2018 Champion single sectional homes! The lovely kitchen comes with kitchen appliances with a Champion Hutch to highlight your best kitchen accessories! Vinyl flooring adds style and durability to this home. The double vanity sinks is an added feature great for couples or families. These homes are made to be very energy efficient and cost effective to save on energy and money. This offer is for qualified applicants. Contact us at 815-932-0200 for more details and to set up an appointment to view these lovely homes today!

Tri-Star Estates January Homes of the Month & TV Giveaway!

We are starting off 2018 with some wonderful January Homes of the Month Specials at a great low price! Also, a free LED TV will be yours if you purchase one of these homes! Our first home is a beautiful brand new 2018 Champion single-sectional that features a fantastic kitchen setup with a pantry addition, a spacious family room, beautiful master bath and more! Our second home is a lovely pre-owned multi-sectional home with many great features! Tell your friends and family about these great homes and special deals we have to offer! Call us for more details at 815-932-0200.

Tri-Star Estates New Year’s Special!

We have a wonderful can’t miss fall special at Tri-Star Estates! These homes come with an efficient kitchen setup that include appliances. The family rooms also compliment the kitchens. Most of these homes have been remodeled and have many unique and great features! If you want a more in depth viewing of our homes, check out our Home Tours page to see some stunning tours of our beautiful homes and our breath taking clubhouse. Check out our Home Listings page to see more details of these lovely homes. Contact us at 815-932-0200 if you have any questions and to set up an appointment to tour these beautiful affordable homes today!
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