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The link above directs you, the Applicant, to the Santefort Neighborhoods online application. By completing this online application, you, the Applicant, give consent and authorize Santefort Neighborhoods and all Santefort Neighborhoods’ representation to make any and all inquiries necessary to verify the information provided herein. This information includes, but is not limited to, a criminal background check, hard credit inquiry, direct contact with the Applicant’s current and previous landlords, employers, credit holders, credit references, financial institutions, neighbors, police departments, etc.

Once an applicant submits an online application, you must send clear and legible copies of 2 forms of identification, State ID, Drivers License, Social Security Card, etc., along with your last 30 days of pay stubs to the community manager. Contact information is listed by community below.

Any person(s) over the age of 18 who will reside in the home, MUST complete an application. Please enter their name and email by clicking the +Add Additional Applicant.

Please note, Santefort Neighborhoods communities are not approved for Section 8 vouchers. We wish you the best of luck with your home search!



Bookwalter Woods

Community Manager:

Eric Schutz

(815) 237-2290

Lakeside Manor

Community Manager:

Amy Wilson

(219) 362-3956

Mansard Du Lac

Community Manager:

Kylie Harlow

(219) 962-8584

Pleasant Valley

Community Manager:

Kristy Harlow

(219) 762-2995

Whispering Sands

Community Manager:

Staci Lowry

(219) 462-6027

Tri-Star Estates

Sales and Leasing Team:

Mike and Linda Quam

(815) 932-0200

Point West

Community Manager:

Nadia Rodriguez

(765) 463-7572

Williamsburg Manor

Community Manager:

Amy Wilson

(219) 462-7001

Pinewood Estates

Community Manager:

Sue Magnuson

(309) 579-2897

Vista Pointe

Community Manager:

Nadia Rodriguez

(765) 446-2663

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