Winter Pet Care Tips

If it’s too cold outside for you, then it’s certainly too cold out for your pet. Here are ways that you can help keep your fur baby safe this winter.

Stay Inside – Limit your pet’s exposure to the cold weather to help prevent frostbite and hypothermia.

Bundle Up – When you do go out, dress your pet in a sweater and limit the time spent outdoors.

Paw Safety – Salt can irritate paws and may even cause chemical burns. Always use pet-friendly salt and routinely wipe off your pet’s paws after they’ve been outside.

Salt Ingestion – Stop your pet from drinking from puddles or eating snow as inadvertently ingesting ice melt products may make them ill.

Meal Prep – Have plenty of your pet’s food and/or medication stocked in your home should the weather prevent you from leaving your home.

Vehicle Safety – If you park outside, check under the hood for any animals that may nest inside.

Know the Signs – You know your pet best. If you notice any abnormal behavior, be sure to schedule a vet appointment to investigate.

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