Winter Maintenance Tips

There are routine maintenance measures residents can take to winterize their homes here at Santefort Neighborhoods. Doug Buell, Santefort Neighborhoods’ Director of Operations, shares his advice for maintaining your home inside and out. Whether you’re a current resident or thinking about moving to a Santefort Neighborhood, here are some tips to help prepare your home for the fall season and help your home transition to winter weather.

Seven Cold Weather Home Maintenance Tips for Your Manufactured Home

  1. Keep your water line insulated and make sure your heat tape is working properly. If you chose to use heat tape on your pipes, install the tape to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  2. To properly insulate your home and keep unwanted pests away, you’ll need to make sure your skirting is free of holes and has no missing pieces. Read how to repair home skirting here.
  3. The underbelly of your home is the primary location of your plumbing, so it is important that the insulation is kept intact. This will better prevent heat from escaping and could lower your heating bill.
  4. Frozen water can result in a leak in your faucet, so make sure to protect your pipes. Disconnect garden hoses and install covers on all outside faucets. If your water heater is outdoors, make sure it is properly insulated.
  5. Change the filters on your furnace and the batteries in your thermostat to keep your home running at peak efficiency.
  6. Make sure your storm windows are intact and closed to help keep heat in. You can purchase materials to maintain heat efficiency at local lumber yards, Menards, Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc.. Click here for a How-To insulate windows in your home.
  7. Make sure that your weather strip is intact and makes contact around the door frame.

Maintenance FAQs

How do residents and Santefort Neighborhoods work together to maintain our communities?

Our maintenance team is responsible for all issues from the ground down – meaning water and sewer. In the snowy seasons, we plow the community streets. Our crew is responsible for plowing the streets from curb-to-curb. It is up to residents to keep their sidewalks clear of ice and snow. Take care not to shovel snow into your street, as the plows will only push it back. We understand that plowing may leave extra snow on your driveway. If you cannot clear the snow by yourself, please contact the main office.

What is the maintenance request process for residents?

During business hours, please call the office. Work orders are created and categorized into one of three levels (low, medium, and high). Please do not ask a service technician in the field, as work orders are handled in the order that they are received and according to their level of urgency. For an after-hours non-emergency request, please call the office and leave a voicemail. For after-hours emergency maintenance, please call the emergency line. Someone will get back to you as quickly as possible. Emergency maintenance includes a situation where a resident does not have water, heat, or gas. If you’re unsure of your community’s emergency number, please call the main office. The voicemail will include your community-specific emergency phone number.

Have other questions?

If you have any other maintenance questions, please give us a call.

Save Money by Maintaining Your Home

Many major repairs are preventable if residents keep up with routine home maintenance. Residents may be liable for damage if they do not properly insulate, use heat tape, maintain skirting, etc.. Regular maintenance helps keep your home running smoothly and efficiently, and can lower your monthly home bills.

Need Help?

If you are unable to take care of routine maintenance, please contact your main office for a list of qualified contractors we recommend.

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