Enjoy the Winter Season With These Family Activities

With the winter season here, it’s time to embrace it and go outside to play! Here are some fun activities that you and your family can do this winter to get out of the house and welcome the snow.

  1. Head for the hills and bring your sleds. Sledding can be an aerobic workout for the whole family as you use muscles to control your balance on the sled and when you walk back up a hill, you can burn about 240 calories every 30 minutes.
  2. Who doesn’t love to build a snowman just after a snowfall? Dress your snowman up with an old scarf, add sticks to give him some arms, and show him off to all of your neighbors.
  3. Have a good old-fashioned snowball fight or set up a target to practice your throw.
  4. Try your building skills to create a snow fort. Employ a brick mold to help pack the snow and build your masterpiece.
  5. Have you spotted any tracks in the snow besides your own footprints? Take photos of any animal tracks and then examine them together back at home.
  6. Make snow angels together in the fresh snow. You could even paint the snow to really get the creative juices flowing.

How will you and your family enjoy the snow this season? Remember to dress warmly and always listen to your body when you need a break from the colder temps. Treat your family and warm up after a day outside with warm cups of hot chocolate with marshmallows.

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