A Tri-Star Christmas Story

Hello, my name is Stephanie Totos and I live and work here at Tri-Star Estates. It has been over three years since my family and I moved here and no other place can compare. For most of my life I grew up living in mobile home parks which had a trailer park atmosphere and they never seemed to feel like home. Living in Tri-Star Estates has been a wonderful experience and I’m glad to call it my home. The activities that they have planned for adults, children, and families goes above and beyond expectations. Moving from up north and coming down to Bourbonnais was a total difference in how the communities were ran. I’ve never experienced a community that did so much for their residents and wanted all of us to be involved. The Christmas season is upon us and in Tri-Star the streets come alive and look magical. This time of year is when the residents get really excited and a lot participate in decorating their homes, they look wonderful! In spirit of the holidays we throw a Christmas party here at the clubhouse for the residents. The party is a dinner and then Santa makes an appearance and even brings along some presents for the children. The look on their little faces when they see Santa has brought them something is indescribable, Christmas time at Tri-star is one of a kind. I have never experienced such a close-knit community like Tri-Star Estates and I’m proud to say I am a part of it!

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