Thoughts from the Tri-Star Estates Sales Office Staff:

I like to remind people how much Manufactured Homes have changed and improved over the years.  I can remember from the 60’s and 70’s when we referred to this type of housing as trailers.  The homes were all metal with thin inner walls and as little as 2×2 wood in those walls. The material was not fire resistant and the homes were not as “perfectly” built.

Over the years we have called them trailers, mobile homes, single wide, double wide, even triple wide or even modular homes (which are different building codes but still built in plants).  We have put these homes in mobile home parks, trailer parks, mobile home communities, manufactured home communities and more.

Over the years the government has developed standards through our HUD building regulations.  This is a national code system for these homes.  These building standards ensure wiring safety, plumbing advances, class A fire codes for all building materials (these materials will not burn…period!).  The pads under the homes and the tie down technology is standardized and has improved safety and longevity.   The “newer” homes come out of a plant with exacting measurements and the corners are perfectly square.  There are inspection points at every station point of construction in the plant.  Remember they then come down the highway at 50 or 60 MPH…think if you try to move a house built on site down a highway at that speed.

Keep in mind these homes, as well as Modular Homes, are all built in controlled environments under roof.  The materials are cut exactly square.  The material does not lay outside getting wet…while on the ground…waiting to be cut and then nailed outside on the property.  Everything is under roof with cutting jigs to make everything exact and perfect.  There is little wasted material which all makes for reduced cost to build and allows affordable homes that are essentially perfectly built in a factory.

The thing I always ask a potential buyer. Would you consider buying a car if the parts were dropped in your front yard?  And…some mechanics arrived to assemble your car outside and in the weather?  We buy our cars that come out of a controlled “inside environment” plant because they are essentially “perfect’ and inspected for us all along the assembly line.  That is what you get with a manufactured home.

So the mobile home, trailer home, single wide, double wide, triple wide, manufactured home, modular home from our past vocabulary is now just a perfect home and affordable home for today.

WE are available to show you our homes and help you see how “perfect” they can be.  Check out our Tri-Star Estates community and Homes for Sale pages on our website for more details and call us at 815-401-0417 to set up an appointment today.



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