Raising A Family Here At Tri-Star Estates

Hello I am Melissa Rodriguez and I live at Tri-Star Estates. My family & I have lived at Tri-Star going on five years now. We absolutely love raising a family here and there is so much to do with our daughter. We choose Tri-Star Estates because we liked what a great community it was & what the community offered. Over these years living at Tri-Star there has been many improvements. Three brand new parks have been built along with a couple basketball courts. There is also a beautiful swimming pool which my daughter loves! There are kid events which include bingo, craft and movie nights, and more! We always look forward to these events. This is where your children will have a blast and make many new friends. During the holidays it’s like a big family gathering at the clubhouse. Everyone is welcomed and we have Santa & the Easter Bunny come for the kids. We have dinners & live music. It is a wonderful time. I would surely recommend young families to move to Tri-Star Estates. It is the perfect place for you and your family!

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