Tips to Power Wash Your Home

Disclaimer: Please be cautious when using power tools and electricity near water. Always wear the correct protective equipment and learn to use all power tools before starting on a project.

Prep everything before you begin! Make sure all hose connections are tight, so that air cannot enter. Start with a low spray setting. Then, turn on the water full blast. Press down on the trigger to remove air from the line and prime the pump. Finally, start the power washer.

Cover delicate plants or objects with tarps to protect them. Go slow when working around obstacles near your home.

Adjust the spray level based on what surfaces you are cleaning. A narrow spray may work best for tougher stains, while a wider spray can work on a more textured area. Remember to brace yourself when working with the power wash in a wide-footed stance as the machine can be quite powerful and you could lose your balance.

Work in a team and in smaller sized areas. Share the job with a partner so that you can both take breaks from what can be a stressful job. Prevent streaks by working from one side to the other.

When cleaning vinyl siding, hold the nozzle at an angle and use an extender to reach higher areas.

DO NOT POWER WASH WINDOWS! They can break from the high power, so be careful around the windows of your home.

Remember to have your home power washed by July 4th (as per your home lease terms). Reach out to your community manager if you would prefer a referral to a service or individual who can help you power wash your home.


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