A November Message for the Season


A November Message for the season.

Well folks right now the leaves are slowly falling and the nights are getting colder and colder.  But winter is nearing and the real cold weather and snow will come eventually.

Remember, there are some preparations needed to winterize your home and your car.

It’s time to make sure your heat tape is working and intact.  You should walk your home and check to make sure the skirting is all there and intact to prevent blowing snow under your home and freeze ups.  Look at your windows and doors on your trip around the home also.   See if they look like they are sealing well.  All of this will cut down on heating costs.  Have you checked your furnace…changed your filters, maybe even had a company come in and check it also?  While inside your home, check your windows and doors again for drafts as even small spaces allow large amounts of heat to escape.

Maybe you should also make sure you snow shovel is where you think you left it and your gloves also.

I know we don’t want to think about cold and snow but being prepared is always a blessing when the time comes.  Then you know you are prepared and ready.

Another thing many of us forget is our vehicles.  Take some time to check the tires, the washer fluid, maybe the battery, get that scrapper for the windows where it is easily accessible.  Nothing is more aggravating than coming out on a cold and snowy morning to a car that won’t start, or you are missing a scrapper, or there is a big snow storm and you discover your tires are bald and won’t keep you safe in the ice and snow.

Being prepared with your home can save you significant heating costs or a water freeze up.  Being prepared with you vehicles keeps you and your family safe.

We are entering the holiday season with Thanksgiving only a couple weeks away.  We are fortunate to live in a safe and comfortable neighborhood.  Take some time to count your blessings and enjoy your family.  Happy Early Thanksgiving!


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