What is a manufactured home?

I’m sure you often heard of the negativity associated with the terms trailers and then mobile homes?  Trailers are often stereotyped with low class and the bottom income group of society.  When people usually hear the word trailer, negative feelings come up and they often become the subject of a joke or an offensive comment.  That growing public opinion caused the industry to change the name to Mobile homes.  Now when you think of a mobile home, you would tend to associate it with a manufactured home.  They are both made in a factory and then shipped to their given destination.  However, they both are quite different.  A mobile home refers to homes built prior to 1976.  That year the HUD code for building standards greatly improved and changed the dynamics of this industry.  So from then on until now, you have the term manufactured home.  Mobile homes were built on wheels, small, easily moveable, and regulated to mobile home parks or similar establishments.

Manufactured homes are quite different.  They are built on solid steel frames, wheels are gone, styles have changed and are greatly modernized.  Home buyers can choose from a variety of floor plans with many add on features such as garages, porches, double sink vanities and so on.  The homes are spacious and feature multiple bedrooms and bathrooms.  You can customize your manufactured home like a regular home remodeling project.  The newer models today are also very energy efficient and built to provide the home owner a rewarding home and high quality of life.  You can live in a lovely manufactured home community while paying cheap rent or you can lease or own a home for a fraction of the cost of a regular home.  It’s certainly quite amazing to see the outstanding transformation of these homes and how far they have come.  We have a variety of new and pre-owned homes for sale and rent in our communities.  To learn more details about our homes we have available and the communities they come in, you can simply go to our communities and listing pages on our website. Also, check out this short video on the amazing process of building a manufactured home!


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