Happy December from Tri-Star!

We are into the month of December but work is still progressing here at Tri-Star Estates.  As you can see the residents are already decorating for Christmas.  And yet the community is still having brand new homes arrive and being prepared to set.

Our Manufactured Home Community is one of the premiere communities in the Midwest.  The very best community center, our parks with newer playground equipment, the basketball courts, the swimming pool, the work out, exercise facility are all here for your use.  The community entrance is limited access so outsiders are not driving through our streets.  The children can move about safely and have lots to do.   It’s a great place to live and raise children and also to retire.

We have a new and modern water and sewer company who had redone our community. The streets are all in good shape.  We strive to keep everything neat and clean and organized.  We have a good and experienced maintenance staff to take care of everything in the community.

Do you remember when these types of communities were referred to as trailer parks and the homes were trailers or singlewides or doublewides….NO MORE!

Now…the new and newer homes are built to superior standards.  These manufactured homes are built with top grade materials and inside a covered and controlled environment…indoors.  Nothing gets wet or sits outside prior to construction.   The manufactured home is inspected throughout the entire building process.  The cuts are exact, the materials are perfect and inspected at each station of construction.  Before the home is able to leave the plant for shipment, there is a final inspection by a government (HUD) inspector/employee.  The Manufactured Home must meet standards of construction excellence as well as class “A” fire coded material.  The appliances, the furnace, the windows and doors, the insulation packages and shingles…on and on…must all meet the HUD standards.  The home is then driven down the road at high speeds to our community.  It is a very, very sturdy and permanent structure. It is cost efficient, utility efficient, and comfortable living in a safe community with many, many amenities available at no cost to you and your family.

If you need any information about us…please call our office at 815-932-0200.

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