Growing up in Williamsburg Manor

My name is Amy Korth and I am the community manager at Williamsburg Manor.

I have been in the industry all my life. I grew up in Williamsburg Manor so pride is something I have very much for this community. My days as a young girl were coming to work with my mother who worked at Williamsburg Manor for 20 plus years before I took over in 2009. I have so many fond memories here with the residents meeting in the club house just talking about life!  What a great experience to feel growing up knowing that your children can come to the office to the company of others. I would also help my mom by walking fliers to the homes with new letters and other announcements for the community. What other neighborhood does that? The great thing is we still do it today! I always felt safe riding my bike and playing at the playground. It melts my heart to still see this happening today!

I have seen the industry of manufactured housing change so much. The homes that we have today are so beautiful, spacious, and very much affordable for most budgets. It is such a great feeling for me to come to work every day and help so many families enjoy and love the place they call home! I am honored to call this place STILL my home too!

Stop by today to see what we have to offer. I promise you will feel at home and not be disappointed!

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