Coming Back To Work At Tri-Star Estates

Hi I’m Monica, you probably know me best as the girl at the back desk in the office.  I have worked for Santefort Neighborhoods for two and a half years now.  I do have a total of five years in at Tri-Star but the previous time was under different management. There have been many changes and improvements within the community in the last five years. The first immediate change that I had noticed would be all the new homes that were in the community that filled in a bunch of lots that were left vacant under the previous management. Then it was the new playground and pavilion by the clubhouse and updated playground equipment at all the parks that were practically left unusable before. I also noticed the activities that we offer to all the residents at the clubhouse. From only having bingo to now having bingo, crafts, painting, jewelry, kid activities, dinners and ice cream socials, there should never be any reason not to have anything to do. There are many great and exciting transformations that have taken place right here in Tri-Star, and many more on the way, which is the reason why I chose to come back to work at Tri-Star Estates!

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