Advantages Of Economical Manufactured Home Living. Ask Yourself Why Would You Want To Live In A Manufactured Home Community?

From the desk of David Kerchner.

You may know I am new to this community.  I enjoy that we are 5 minutes to any and all stores I may need to visit.  The last few days I had to travel to parts of the Chicago suburbs.  It was quick and light traffic…I am not used to that being from an area I had to fight my way to work each morning in terrible traffic.  We get to live essentially in the country or small community…with light traffic…yet anything we would need for goods or our family are here.

I don’t know if you know the history of the Manufactured Home Industry.  Years ago, when it was first started, it was homes designed with cheap materials.  The walls and windows did not seal well.  The walls could be 2×2 and the insulation and exterior metal was not up to site built standards.  It was inexpensive and “cheap” housing.  The fire resistance and sturdiness was not there…YET!

Now the industry produces top quality, well insulated and grade “A” fire code buildings.  The homes are inexpensive to heat and cool.  They are at least equal to site built home quality.  And I contend they are better built.

I have been in Manufactured Home plants in the North and South.  I have followed the production of a home from beginning to end.  I have watched the quality inspectors along the production line.  I have personally picked the homes layout and amenities and watched it built.  It is impressive the quality control and “perfect” materials.

Always remember, these homes are built under roof…like a car or other production products.   They use “jigs” to make perfect cuts (square fitting).  The materials never get wet or out in the weather. If you ever tour an on-site built home look for discrepancies in the perfection of their work.  They are there.

The manufactured home travels down the highway at high speeds and arrives still perfect.  The doors seal and the windows seal tight.  It is comfortable and efficient.  And with us…our homes are in a community with a club house. card room, exercise facility, swimming pool, parks, basketball court all for your use.

So all the words you have heard to describe us…mobile homes, trailer parks, trailers, manufactured homes, modular homes, single wide, double wide, triple wide and manufactured home communities…it can be hard to determine the proper wording.

I consider us just a community with nice amenities and a quiet and safe environment for families and especially our kids.  And…with our location where we are located…it’s country living yet close to everything.  And…it’s affordable for most families and retirees.

Don’t forget winter is coming…check the heat tape and skirting…change the furnace filters and look at the sealing of the doors and windows.  Also maybe make sure you still have your snow shovel. (And yes I know we don’t want to consider that yet)

As a last reminder to everyone…We do have referral programs that credit you with park rent or award funds for sending us your friends and family.  If you like it here… recommending your friends gives you more neighbors to interact with and enjoy.h3kitchenfamily

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