Three Myths about Living in a Manufactured Home


#1 Manufactured Home? You Mean Trailer Park!

Manufactured homes are not trailers. A manufactured home is a broad term, and generally it refers to how the home is built, typically in a factory where they must meet or exceed special HUD construction and safety codes.

Manufactured homes are cost effective and built to be more energy efficient than site-built homes. Buying a manufactured home is an affordable option for any family.

#2 Manufactured Homes are Ugly and All Look the Same

Manufactured homes come in all shapes and sizes, from modern styling to luxury finishes and beyond. You may decide to purchase a custom manufactured home where you will hand select the finishes, like flooring, paint colors, elevation, landscaping, layouts and so much more. Other times, pre-owned manufactured homes may be available for purchase. You can still make a pre-owned home your own, simply believe in the power of paint and put a little sweat equity in to customize it to your liking.  

#3 Manufactured Homes are Difficult to Finance

In the past financing a manufactured home was not an easy process. Nowadays, homebuyers have many different lending options to purchase a manufactured home. Make sure that you do your research when shopping around, and keep factors like your budget and maintenance costs in mind when selecting a home. Homeowners can build equity in a manufactured home just as they do in traditionally site-built homes.

Santefort Neighborhoods offers financing options that may interest homebuyers. Just ask your community manager.

We hope to have cleared up some myths about manufactured homes for you. A manufactured home purchase is a smart and affordable choice for homeownership. Happy home shopping!

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